Welcome - Bainvgnieu!

Happy occasions should be celebrated!

I will take the utmost care in helping you arrange a celebration for any occasion: From an affirmation of love, the christening of your child, or the commemoration of a special moment in your life.

When it comes to the needs of your personal life, you can count on my discretion and experience in pastoral care. Are you experiencing stressful challenges in your career or private life, a crisis as to the meaning of it all, or the excruciating pain of losing a loved one?

In your conflicts, I can accompany you as a non-biased mediator. Take advantage of my professional support to achieve solution-oriented dialogue and work out an agreement to which all parties can commit.

I offer helpful and considerate advice when you reach your personal limit with your clients. Get clarification and support regarding your questions involving the inscrutable depths of interpersonal communication and behaviour.

I will happily accompany or support you with professional advice and support, ensuring that you appear confident both professionally and privately and that your speeches convey the right message in an engaging manner.

My offerings

  • Mediation – initiating a dialogue, resolving conflict by jointly working out an agreement (win-win)
  • Consulting– telephone counselling and friendly, helpful support for urgent problems and questions in difficult, complex situations involving behaviour and communication (HR)
  • Pastoral care – crisis intervention and conversation, ceremonies (baptisms, marriages, funeral services and ceremonies) and rituals
  • Public speaking – making speeches, rhetoric, advising and training speakers