Rituals & rites

Our lives are divided by four special events, which are marked and celebrated in every cultural and religious tradition all over the world in their own special way – we call them “threshold rituals”. In our occidental Christian context, they are: baptism to mark our entry into life, confirmation to mark the end of school and the start of independence, the wedding ceremony to mark marriage, and the funeral ceremony to mark burial and obsequies at the end of life, which are intended mainly for those left behind.

Arranging and celebrating these rituals, which are centred around thanking, appreciating and blessing, has long been a “priestly” or pastoral task, as it transcends the material and physical. It responds to an innate need in most of us, and in many families is part of a strong tradition. Finding suitable words, images and symbolic actions for this is inherent to our professional competence and experience. You are more than welcome to talk to me about your ideas and suggestions.