Funeral Ceremony

Funeral ceremonies

... grieving in a dignified setting, saying farewell and giving thanks for someone special

A loved one has passed away: a parent, relative, friend or even a child has forever left you and this earthly existence that is our world.

You are now seeking someone with experience and sensitivity to accompany you and say the right words of thanks, appreciation, prayer and comfort on your behalf?

You would like to express your grief and feelings in a comforting Christian service or in a moving celebration of life. Have the opportunity to jointly say farewell and thank you to the loved one who has gone, to reminisce and pay tribute to the life of the departed. We know that this is an incredibly important stage in the process of grieving and letting go in order to carry on living with positive, powerful and beneficent memories.

The person who has passed left specific behests regarding arrangements or music that you would now like to bring together in a holistic and worthy commemorative ceremony.

Please get in touch with me. It will be my privilege to accompany you in these difficult hours, discussing the particular farewell you envisage and arranging it on your behalf on the basis of my many years’ experience. You will then witness a Christian ceremony that is dignified and moving and will allow you and all those present to feel supported.