Andri was born in March 1964 in Männedorf (Zurich) the son of a minister from the Upper Engadine and a photographer from the city of Zurich. He was brought up in the Engadine (Grisons), where he attended secondary schools in Samedan and Chur, earning the classical grammar school baccalaureate (Matura) with ancient Greek and Latin as main subjects, and French and Rumantsch Ladin as subsidiaries.

Besides studying theology at the University of Bern and a year of study in Rome, he completed his compulsory basic military training with the Army Medical Service in French-speaking Moudon (Vaud), with further training to become an officer and captain in the Swiss Army. He served and led troops in all regions of Switzerland and in all three national languages – German, French and Italian – including seven years as company commander of a medical unit in Grisons.

He’s been married since 1994 and has two daughters (born in 1994 and 1996, respectively).

As president of the OK Klostersommer Rüeggisberg cultural association since 1999, Andri has gained extensive experience in the management and organisation of cultural events in a special historic setting, the monasterial ruin in Rüeggisberg in the Gantrisch region (Swiss nature park).

Since his university days, he has been a member and old-boy of the Rhenania student fraternity in Bern (founded in 1816) and, since 2005, also a member of the Gürbetal Lions Club in Belp.

Since autumn 2000, he has been organising and guiding cultural trips to Rome and European destinations with a Celtic influence, including Ireland, Scotland, Northern Spain/Galicia, Southern England and Brittany.